Exciting Changes To TKL’s Online Learning Management Platform


We are excited to share these updates with you.

Why: We’ve taken your suggestions to heart, and made changes based on your learning needs. Our mission is to provide you with a resource that celebrates and supports you as a valued educator of our nation’s children!

What:  TKL is rolling out a new platform format for all of our courses to make your learning experience more intuitive and easier.

When:  We will be adding one state at a time beginning November 11, 2016, and will have all states on board by January 1, 2017.

Who:  All current participants will stay on their current platform for the remainder of the term.  Participants who register for courses after November 11, 2016 will be on the new platform.

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  • Intuitive and Easy-To-Use Design – Our completely new design will make it even easier to engage with your selected course content in a meaningful way.
  • A Better Online Community of Learners Experience – Our newly designed and upgraded community section will provide participants with even more control, access, and visibility into building content rich discussion threads. Participants will find it to be much easier to start their own thoughtful conversations, ask questions to the community of learners and invite peers to join in. You will receive notifications when your peers respond to your posted discussion questions.
  • Better access – You will continue to have access to your course(s) from any internet-based device 24/7. This includes smartphones, iPads, Chromebooks, Laptops, Desktops, Apple, Windows, etc.
  • Streamlined Content – Course content steps and modules are now even more prominent and easier to follow and complete all associated activities.
  • Updated Course Content – In the next few months, expect new instructional resources, additional classroom video segments, streamlined content, and more engaging learner activities. We will also be adding new courses to our already comprehensive catalog of courses.

We hope that you’ll love these improvements that we have made to our learning platform. We appreciate all of our participants and the tremendous work that you do in helping your students. We are working hard to bring you courses that are relevant and worthwhile to you as an educator.


Rudy Azcuy, CEO & Founder

Teach n’ Kids Learn (TKL)

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