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Take control of your professional learning with targeted, cost-effective, competency-based courses.

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Take control of your professional learning with targeted, cost-effective, competency-based courses.

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Product Description & Methodology

Focused, high-quality, and cost-effective professional learning, based on specific areas of improvement. TKL’s Micro Courses help teachers, schools, and districts make targeted changes on an accelerated timeline.

Micro Courses are an innovative and cost-effective form of teacher professional development focused on providing schools and districts with targeted, competency-based online courses that support all formal and informal teacher observation and classroom protocols.

Each Micro Course provides a unique online experience that allows teachers to start their learning using a personalized, self-paced process, supported by TKL’s easy-to-use platform. Educators take control over their professional learning journey for a more authentic, meaningful experience.

Micro Courses support evolutionary changes to a teacher’s instructional practice with a process that helps elevate current practices, instead of replacing them. Each course is specifically designed to help educators make continuous and sustained changes to their instructional practice.

Micro Courses can also be combined to provide teaching credentials, further enabling schools and districts with certificate pathway programs that allow educators to link compensation and other career advancement opportunities.

The Micro Courses program leverages field-tested, research-based strategies, personalized practical solutions, digital collaboration, and critical reflection to help schools and educators transform their instructional practices and improve classroom effectiveness. Set up your demo experience to learn more.



Educators struggle to keep up with the changing societal and legal requirements.

Time & Cost

Providing effective, personalized professional learning is a stress on districts, schools, and teachers alike.


There are many online learning solutions, but few that offer research-backed solutions for tangible change.


Traditional programs make it difficult to access quality professional learning and resources.



Timely, up-to-date learning materials informed by research and real user insights.

Fast & Affordable

Affordable, immediate access to the highest quality skill-based professional learning available.


Professional learning aligned with your unique needs and requirements.

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Easily achieve compliance on a school and district-wide scale through our digital learning management system.

Course Library

Our Micro Courses are flexible enough to suit your unique needs as an educator. Take them individually, or stack them to provide credentials and advancement opportunities.

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