A progressive, thoughtful approach to scaffolded professional learning, designed to transform your instructional practice.

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A progressive, thoughtful approach to scaffolded professional learning, designed to transform your instructional practice.

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Product Description & Methodology

For teachers looking to improve effectiveness in the classroom, TKL’s Comprehensive Courses leverage field-tested, research-based strategies, personalized practical solutions, digital collaboration, and critical reflection to transform their instructional practice.


We take an innovative approach to the design and delivery of effective, efficient, capacity-building professional development for teachers. Our online professional learning program blends essential learning theory with the practical real-world application necessary for today’s teachers. 

Each learning opportunity is designed to support educators in making evolutionary changes to their instructional practice. Every teacher begins where they currently are within the course focus and then, through cycles of critical self-reflection and experiential, or in-classroom work, they focus on making positive changes to their practice. 

Through the use of both formative and summative learning activities, participants are taken through a scaffolded approach to creating better learning classrooms for students.



Keeping up with the constantly changing state and district professional development requirements can be difficult and costly for schools.

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Educators have difficulty carving out the necessary time finding high quality professional development opportunities to meet the ever changing directions and evolving instructional strategies districts and states are trying to achieve.

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Low Engagement

Current research shows that many professional development opportunities and resources being provided to teachers result in very little impact and low levels of teacher satisfaction.


Many professional development opportunities provided to teachers lack flexibility of time and instructional topic range, making it harder to truly engage in what can be transformative learning growth.


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Pre-approved relevant instructional topics that are timely, up-to-date, and informed by current research and real user insights.


As a pre-approved provider, teachers are provided a catalog of highly relevant course offerings to earn formal credits toward re-licensure, recertification, salary advancement, and graduate credits.


TKL has a high teacher satisfaction rating with an over 90% course completion rate. All courses incorporate an innovative and effective learning approach that is designed and delivered using our transference learning methodology, developed over years of field research and application.


Professional learning resources are available online for teachers to access 24/7 on an easy-to-use learning management system. Teachers are provided a wide range of engaging and timely instructional courses which align with school, district and educator growth goals.

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TKL provides professional learning for teachers across all 50 states. View your state’s alignment now, or search course library by topic.

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