Cultivating Lifelong Learning through Self-Regulation, Grades K-12

Course Description

happy-healthy-students_in_a_classroom This course on cultivating self-regulation will provide educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively support the development of self-regulation in their students.

The course will cover the foundations of learning and cognition, including the role of executive function in self-regulation. Educators will learn how self-regulation influences learning, motivation, and students’ identities as learners. They will explore strategies for promoting a growth mindset and supporting the development of self-regulation in the classroom.

In addition, the course will examine the importance of creating a positive and supportive learning environment that fosters self-regulation, including the role of the teacher in modeling and promoting self-regulatory behaviors.

Throughout the course, educators will reflect on their teaching practices and develop a plan for cultivating students’ self-regulation in their classrooms. The goal of the course is to empower educators to become confident and competent teachers who support the development of self-regulation in all students.

Essential Questions

  • How can knowledge of cognition, metacognition, and executive function help educators design equitable learning opportunities?
  • How does self-regulation promote transfer and mastery?
  • What is the relationship between motivation, metacognition, and self-regulated learning?
  • How do the stories students tell themselves about success and failure shape their identities as learners?
Course Agenda

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Foundations of Learning and Cognition
  3. Self-Regulated Learning
  4. Motivation, Metacognition, and Self-Regulated Learning
  5. Course Wrap Up
Course Syllabus


Comments from Teachers

“I will implement new ideas and strategies in my classroom to build confidence and self-efficacy among my students. I will teach them HOW we learn and ensure that the classroom set-up encourages a brave community of individuals and leaders.”

“This course broadened my view of what self-regulation is and what it is for. I had a narrower view that only considered the emotional aspects and was not thinking of it as essential to the learning process in the way that it is.”

Danielson Teacher Framework Course Alignment


Demonstrating Knowledge of Students


Establishing a Culture for Learning


Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques


Reflecting on Teaching