Guided PLCs

Leverage the collective strengths of your peers, supported by expert facilitators and more than 25 years of research. These are PLCs, reimagined.

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Leverage the collective strengths of your peers, supported by expert facilitators and more than 25 years of research. These are PLCs, reimagined.

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Product Description & Methodology

TKL’s Guided PLC program is a bold, innovative approach to traditional professional learning communities. Guided PLCs transform learning communities with purposefully designed frameworks, successful strategies, leading technologies, and collaborative processes.


The GPLC program provides teams of teachers with a catalog of targeted instructional topics, powered by an easy-to-use online learning platform, and a guided process tied to established school settings.

Our model meets teachers’ individual professional learning needs, provides structured opportunities for peer collaboration, and requires both individual and group instructional reflection. Our online platform makes it easy for teacher teams to tap into the collective knowledge of their peers in a guided, collaborative environment. 

TKL’s Guided PLCs allow teachers to develop the facilitation and leadership skills required to create scalable change in your classroom and beyond.


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Maintaining Focus

PLCs are often plagued by a lack of leadership, which means groups aren’t oriented around clear goals. Left without sufficient clarity and guidance, the individual needs of the PLC’s participants are often unmet, which has a negative impact on the group’s overall effectiveness.


Collaboration and growth are stifled when trust is unable to develop between participants. The result is an environment where teachers compete, rather than collaborate.

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A lack of support structures and resources make it difficult for educators to enact lasting change, both in their own classrooms and across the school at large.

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Without sufficient clarity and leadership, individual participants’ needs often go unmet


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Leadership Development

Grow leadership and facilitation strengths in-house, or tap into TKL’s professional expertise with additional discussion, feedback, and coaching. Learn and share best practices with education professionals across the United States.

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Guided PLCs are intentionally designed to build trust amongst collaborators, with scaffolded individual and group work that creates space for safe, meaningful discussions.

Support & Resources

Gain strategies for sharing your work with peers and leadership for sustained stakeholder support & additional methods for seeking resources.

Targeted Instruction

Identify your challenges and tackle them with personalized professional learning aligned to your unique standards, areas of focus, and goals.


Choose from over 50 online instructional topics designed to help teachers make evolutionary changes in their classrooms and beyond.

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