About TKL

When educators lead with passion, knowledge, and thoughtful instruction, students learn!
When educators lead with passion, knowledge, and thoughtful instruction, students learn!


No matter their grade level, location, or situation, students who are led by empowered passionate educators will mirror their teachers with the same passion for learning, depth of knowledge, and thoughtfulness.

That’s why TKL is committed to providing educators with the tools to help all students succeed.

Our mission is to ensure that teachers receive high-quality professional development that sparks a passion for teaching and internalizes a process for reflective instructional review.

At Teach & Kids Learn, we know that transformation requires inspiration, persistence, and patience. We believe teachers hold the power to transform student learning. Effective professional development empowers teachers to transform their practice.

Our online professional development solutions are on-demand, flexible, and grounded in evidence-based, culturally responsive practices. Such practices are proven to produce optimal instructional, learning, and motivational outcomes for educators and students.

The Teach & Kids Learn community is proud to lead the way in transforming education, one classroom at a time


Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) was founded in 2009 by a team of core members who have worked together within the comprehensive school reform movement for more than 25 years, both within the United States and internationally. Each core member brings a unique set of experiences and highly sought-after skills within the K-12 Education market. 

TKL leads the way in solution-based professional development and plays a key role in defining the new paradigm shift in education.

Our professional development resources have been purposefully designed to support teachers in making transformative changes to their instructional practices. Combining strategies from leading research on behavioral change, design theory, and effective professional development

  • 98% of our teacher participants report that they would highly recommend our courses to their colleagues. 
  • We’ve maintained a 90-plus percentage completion rate over a 10-year period.

TKL is committed to providing online professional learning solutions that help teachers, schools, and districts make lasting changes in their classrooms.

We understand that this is a long-term mission, one requiring a great deal of time and dedication. We’re ready for the challenge.