State Alignment


Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) is a Qualified Service Provider for General Education and Training approved in the State of Wisconsin for grades K-12. We are pleased to provide our comprehensive online courses for educators within the State of Wisconsin. Each course is directly aligned to the State Standards and Danielson Teaching Frameworks.


There have been many recent changes to licensure in statute and rule. Please review the Latest Licensing News blog for updates on current licensing requirements.

All applications to renew a license or permit are made in our Educator Licensing Online (ELO) system. Requirements to renew a license or permit depending on the type of license an educator holds or held and when the educator completed the educator prep program.

In general, licenses and permits issued by the DPI have a start date of July 1 expiring on June 30. Important: Do not attempt to submit a renewal application until after January 1 of the year your license expires. Trying to renew earlier will cause a warning in the ELO system, and trying to submit a different application transaction will delay the processing of your renewal.

The recently passed 2017–2019 Wisconsin state budget contains major changes to licensure rules. College or university credits will no longer be required for license renewal purposes for teachers, administrators, and pupil service educators.

Professional Growth Requirement

Different DPI licenses have different renewal requirements. Provisional license holders can continue to renew their Provisional license as many times as needed until they complete six semesters of successful experience in the category of their Provisional license. There is no professional development requirement to renew the Provisional license.

For more information, visit the Wisconsin Department of Education website.