State Alignment

New Mexico

Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) is a Qualified Service Provider for General Education and Training approved in the State of New Mexico for grades K-12. We are pleased to provide our comprehensive online courses for educators within the State of New Mexico. Each course is directly aligned with the State Standards and Danielson Teaching Frameworks.


All first-year New Mexico educators will be issued a Level I Provisional Teacher License, which is a five-year non-renewable license. A Level I teacher must advance to Level II by completing a dossier or a summative evaluation application through the school district. A Level I teacher may advance to Level II after the third year of experience but must advance to Level II by the end of the fifth year of experience at Level I.

For Level, I, II, or III license renewal, New Mexico teachers must complete an application for New Mexico Continuing Licensure and obtain a superintendent’s recommendation for continuing licensure (which must be on school district letterhead).

For more information, visit the New Mexico Department of Education website.