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The Nevada Department of Education has approved each course in the Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) catalog for re-licensure. Please click here to check our approval state approval status.

Earn Graduate Credits and Professional Development CEUs toward your Nevada License Renewal with our online self-paced professional development courses.


To renew your Standard or Professional Educator License, you must submit evidence of completion of six (6) semester hours of continuing education or six (6) professional development credits. Each credit is equal to 15 hours, which means over the course of the license each educator must obtain ninety (90) hours of continuing education.

  • State Re-Certification Clock Hour Option – Nevada teachers may use our state re-certification option from our registration page where you will be provided a listing of comprehensive online courses that will earn educators either 30 or 45 Clock Hours. Clock hours may be used toward meeting the 90 continuing education units (CEUs) needed in Nevada. You can now register for our courses at any time. When you register for one of our self-paced courses you will have up to 4 months from the date of registration to complete your course. Since these courses are completely self-paced the amount of time to complete it will be dependent on how much time you put into them on a regular basis. Most teachers are able to finish their course within a 4-week period.

1 Clock Hour = 1 CEU

  • Graduate Credits Option: Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) provides accredited university graduate credits courses. We provide official transcripts. and letter grades upon the successful completion of your selected course. When selecting your course, choose any of our Graduate Credit level courses from our registration page.
  • Clark County School District Column Advancement Credits can be met by using our Graduate Credits option when registering.  For district, submission information click here.

Credits may be earned from an accredited post-secondary institution, or from any approved continuing education provider. These credits must have been earned after the date your most recent license was issued, and before its expiration date.

Credits used for license renewal must be:

Pursuant to NAC 391.075 , credits used for license renewal may be earned by:

1. Attending a course at, or taking a correspondence course given by, an accredited college or university, attending any state or national conference which has been approved by the Department to offer credit for continuing education or taking an in-service course offered by the Department or a continuing education course offered by a provider who is approved by the Commission if the course or conference:

Is directly related to the person’s current license or will enhance the effectiveness of the person’s teaching;
Is in a subject for which shortages of personnel, as determined by the Board, exist; or
Is part of an approved program leading to an advanced degree;

2. Engaging in foreign or domestic travel which is directly related to the area of licensure of the person and is approved not less than 30 days before departure by the Department; two credits will be given for 6 weeks of travel, 1 credit for 1 month. No credit will be allowed for travel of less than 1 month, or

3. Completing courses provided by or under the jurisdiction of a state or national professional organization or association which is specific to the person’s area of discipline and which is on a list maintained by the Department.

4. One credit will be given for the completion of 15 hours of:

– Coursework at a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting association;
– In-service courses offered by the Department; or
– Classroom instruction in continuing education or attendance at a conference for which continuing education credits may be earned, if the state or national professional organization or association and the course or conference have been approved by the Department at least 30 days before the course or conference commences.

5. A person holding a master’s degree or a more advanced degree may receive not more than 2 credits by conducting a seminar or workshop or by teaching at the college or university level, if the seminar, workshop or course being taught is in the area of licensure of the person.

6. A holder of a special license to teach career and technical education may earn a maximum of 2 credits for 160 or more hours of full-time continuous employment in the career and technical education field in which he or she teaches and is licensed. The credit for employment must be approved by the Department or a university or college.

7. A person is entitled to receive 6 credits for the completion of the requirements for the National Board Certification upon the submission of a copy of the official assessment scores issued to that person by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. A person is not required to be a holder of a National Board Certification to receive such credits.

For more information, visit the Nevada Department of Education website.