State Alignment


Individuals with a Massachusetts professional license must earn at least 150 professional development points (PDPs) every five years to renew the license. Educators and supervisors will work together to create an Individual Professional Development Plan, which must include at least:

– At least 15 PDPs in content (subject matter knowledge)
– At least 15 PDPs in pedagogy (professional skills and knowledge)
– At least 15 PDPs related to Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) or English as a Second Language (ESL)
– At least 15 PDPs related to training in strategies for effective schooling for students with disabilities and the instruction of students with diverse learning styles

The remaining required 90 PDPs may be earned through either “elective” activities that address other educational issues and topics that improve student learning, or additional content, and/or pedagogy.

Educators may earn credits from out-of-state, accredited colleges or universities that will then convert to PDPs at the same rate as they would for in-state institutes of higher education.

3 Graduate Credit = 67.5 PDPs

For more information, visit the Massachusetts Department of Education website.