State Alignment


Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) is a Qualified Service Provider for General Education and Training approved in the State of Iowa for grades K-12. We are pleased to provide our comprehensive online courses for educators within the State of Iowa. Each course is directly aligned with the State Standards and Danielson Teaching Frameworks.


The standard license is valid for five years. To convert from the initial to the standard license, applicants will need to teach for two years on a valid license within their endorsement area(s) in an accredited Iowa public school, or for three years in any combination of public, private or out-of-state accredited schools (or Head Start). Iowa public school teachers will participate in the mentoring and induction program and meet the Iowa teaching standards.

Renewal: Six graduate credits are required to renew the Standard License. Credits must be completed during the term of the standard license (after the issue date and before the expiration date, or no more than five years old if the license is expired). Credits earned during the term of the initial license will not be accepted. CEU CREDITS OR CLOCK HOURS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. In addition to the six credits, you must also submit a certificate verifying the completion of the child and dependent adult abuse mandatory reporter training. Points toward two credits may be earned through the supervision of student teachers and practicum students. You may earn one credit (limit of one per renewal cycle) by successfully completing an individualized professional development plan.

For more information, visit the Iowa Department of Education website.