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Approved renewal coursework may include education courses and/or courses taken in one or more areas on the teaching license. Courses used for license renewal must be from a regionally accredited institution and must have been earned after the issue date of the license you are trying to renew. Renewal courses earned out of state do not need to be pre-approved as long as you earn the coursework in professional education or in one or more of the licensing areas. Renewal coursework may be either at graduate or the undergraduate level. However, if you hold an administrative license or a school services personnel license, graduate coursework is strongly encouraged.

A Professional Growth Plan (PGP) is one method to renew a professional educator license. A PGP is the record of one’s professional growth/development. In addition to classroom responsibilities, educators attend conferences and workshops, participate in committee work and school improvement plans, as well as take coursework to remain current on educational reforms and trends. Many of these activities can be included in one’s PGP.
There are three (3) types of Professional Growth Plans.

A 90 point PGP is required for the following
Renewal of a five (5) or ten (10) year professional educator license.
Renewal of a two (2) year (Initial Practitioner /IP) license for a 3rd time.
A 40 point PGP is required for converting a two (2) year (Initial Practitioner /IP) license to a five (5) year (Practitioner/P) license.
A 36 point PGP is required for Educational Interpreters. For information on a PGPEI, go to

PGP Points must be obtained since the issue date of the license being renewed. For the third (3rd) renewal of an IP (two year) license, the PGP points may be obtained since the issue date of the Original IP license.

License Types
Initial Practitioner’s license or 2 year license – The Initial Practitioner license can be renewed twice. Before a third renewal, instructional license holders must submit a 90 point PGP or take a test. School Service or Administrators can only use the PGP option to start the cycle over again.
Proficient Practitioner’s or 5 year license – Renewable with 6 hours of coursework, a 90 PGP or National Board Certification.
Accomplished Practitioner’s License or 10 year license – Once you have established a 10 year license, it will now renew automatically for another 10 year term. It can be renewed with coursework, a 90 point PGP or National Board Certification.

For more information, visit the Indiana Department of Education website.