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Earn Graduate Credits and Professional Development CEUs toward your Georgia License Renewal with our Self-Paced Online Professional Development Courses.


  • Graduate Credits Option: Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) provides accredited university graduate credits courses. We provide official transcripts. and letter grades upon the successful completion of your selected course. When selecting your course, choose any of our Graduate Credit level courses from our registration page.

We always recommend that you follow any pre-approval requirements in your district before you register for courses. However, many teachers have been successful using our courses to advance on their district’s salary scale—and have typically been able to use our university/college-level course offerings.

Please contact us if you need assistance with the submission of your district approval forms, course syllabus, etc.

Professional learning for the purpose of certificate renewal in Georgia is described in Certification Rule 505-2-.36, Renewal Requirements. This rule outlines the basic requirements that professional learning must be job-embedded, done on a continuous basis, and done while working with colleagues in a professional learning community. All professional learning must be designed around national professional learning standards developed by the national professional learning organization.

Professional learning goals and plans are required as a way of organizing the learning for every certified educator including teachers, school and district leaders, paraprofessionals, employees of state and regional education organizations, colleges and universities, and any other entity that employs certified educators.

Complete any combination of:

  1. 6 semester hours of college coursework;
  2. 10 Georgia Professional Learning Units (PLUs);
  3. 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs); or
  4. 100 clock hours of Bright from the Start (BFTS)-approved training.

College coursework must be earned at an institution that meets the accreditation standards outlined in GaPSC Rule 505-2-.31: GaPSC-ACCEPTED ACCREDITATION; VALIDATION OF NON-ACCREDITED DEGREES. Final course grades must be “B” or higher. Developmental studies courses and coursework that is audited and/or exempted without credit shall not be accepted.

If you want to take courses for a certificate upgrade, make sure to, please select courses from our graduate credit course options. You may verify our university partner and degree through the Certificate Upgrade Advisor. You may upgrade your certificate level by completing a degree program that matches one of your existing fields of certification, or by completing a degree program that prepares you for certification in a new field.

1 Graduate Credit = 1 Semester Hour

For more information, visit the Georgia Department of Education website.