State Alignment


Earn Graduate Credits and Professional Development CEUs toward your Delaware License Renewal with our professional development courses.


  • State Re-Certification CEUs Option- For each course completed, you will earn either 30-45 Continuing Education Clock Hours toward the 90 needed for the renewal of your Delaware Teaching Certificate. You can now register for our courses at any time. When you register for one of our self-paced courses you will have up to 4 months from the date of registration to complete your course. Since these courses are completely self-paced the amount of time to complete it will be dependent on how much time you put into it on a regular basis. Most teachers are able to finish their course within a 4-week period.

1 CEU = 10 clock hours

  • Graduate Credits Option: Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) provides accredited university graduate credits courses. We provide official transcripts. and letter grades upon the successful completion of your selected course. When selecting your course, choose any of our Graduate Credit level courses from our registration page.

1 Semester Hour = 15 Clock Hours

We always recommend that you follow any pre-approval requirements in your district before you register for courses. However, many teachers have been successful using our courses to advance on their district’s salary scale—and have typically been able to use our university/college-level course offerings.

Please contact us if you need assistance with the submission of your district approval forms, course syllabus, etc.

State License Renewal Requirements:

To renew a Continuing License, an educator must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete the approved mentoring program, if required.
  2. Fulfill the 90-clock-hour professional development requirement.
  3. At least one-half of the required hours (45 hours every 5 years) shall be in activities relating to the educator’s work with students or staff.
  4. Clock hours must have taken place during the term of the Continuing License and must be approved by the educator’s employing authority.

Clock hours shall comply with requirements detailed in 14 DE Admin. Code 1511 Issuance and Renewal of Continuing License.

For more information, visit the Delaware Department of Education website.