State Alignment



To renew a Continuing License, an educator must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the approved mentoring program, if required.
  • Fulfill the 90-clock-hour professional development requirement.
  • At least one half of the required hours (45 hours every 5 years) shall be in activities relating to the educator’s work with students or staff.
  • Clock hours must have taken place during the term of the Continuing License and must be approved by the educator’s employing authority.

Clock hours for college or university courses shall use the following equivalencies:

  • 1 semester hour equals 15 clock hours
  • 1 CEU equals 10 clock hours

Clock hours shall comply with requirements detailed in 14 DE Admin. Code 1511 Issuance and Renewal of Continuing License.

For more information, visit the Delaware Department of Education website.