State Alignment


Connecticut teachers are no longer required to renew a Professional Educator Certificate through the use of CEUs.

However, as an educator, you may want to review our personal professional development (non-credit) course option. Our courses are a wonderful way to continue to fine-tune your instructional knowledge and experiences. We have wonderful topics to consider for your professional development as an educator.


  • Graduate Credits Option: Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) provides accredited university graduate credits courses. We provide official transcripts. and letter grades upon the successful completion of your selected course. When selecting your course, choose any of our Graduate Credit level courses from our registration page.

We always recommend that you follow any pre-approval requirements in your district before you register for courses. However, many teachers have been successful using our courses to advance on their district’s salary scale—and have typically been able to use our university/college-level course offerings.

Please contact us if you need assistance with the submission of your district approval forms, course syllabus, etc.

For more information, visit the Connecticut Department of Education website.