For the past eleven years, Tena Fulghum has performed the duties of an instructional leader and curriculum liaison working with diverse schools in urban, rural, and suburban settings throughout the United States. Her goal has been to provide tools and strategies for educators which would help to meet their students’ needs and achievement goals.

My focus has been to aid principals, assistant principals, curriculum directors, coaches and teachers to increase student achievement through the use of proven instructional practices and increased rigor. I have helped many districts in the creation of successful RTI plans and data-based decision-making models to assist struggling learners.

As more rigorous standards have entered the education landscape, I have worked side by side with teachers and district personnel to implement strategies to achieve mastery of these new math standards. I have provided site-based coaching for teachers throughout the country. In this role I supervised and mentored teachers, helping them to develop a deeper understanding of the supporting research-based instructional techniques through the use of modeled lesson, coaching professional development workshops, and the analysis of student data for instructional decision making.

Tena Fulghum has worked diligently to become an invested partner with schools and teachers over her years in supporting education. Tena is looking forward to working with all Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) teachers and schools to bringing growth and passion for learning math.