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The following information presents a seven-step process for developing IEPs that are aligned with state academic grade-level content standards.

Instructional Best

Practices Survey:

Self-Assessment Mathematics

Teachers may take this self-assessment to identify pedagogical strengths and growth areas for each key component. The self-assessment is designed to be iterative and reflective.

Instructional Best

Practices Survey:

Self-Assessment Language Arts

This survey protocol aligns with the best practices outlined for English Language Arts (ELA) instructional practices and will allow teachers to prioritize the instructional strategies that may be needed in their classroom.

Share these easy to implement tips and activities, to enlist parents in the education of their children.

Video Best Practices:

Math Classroom Segments

Teach n’ Kids Learn (TKL) has put together the following catalog of classroom video segments which focus on best practices for mathematical instruction.  These video resources draw on the knowledge of researchers and practitioners with extensive years of experience in the field effective instruction.

If you are interested in a tool which can quickly help you identify more of the high-value, Tier 2 academic vocabulary words that appear in this passage, visit the free Academic Word Finder at http://achievethecore.org/academic-word-finder/  (registration required).



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Free Demo Course: Prepare for Common Core Math Assessment
Prepare your students for the new Math Assessments and help them be successful test takers under the new standards.  Complete an initial review of this course, and you will have the option to continue on to the full course at a reduced introductory price.
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Self-Assessment Language Arts
Understand the opportunity areas in your classroom and prioritize the needs and the strategies that should be used.
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Self-Assessment Math
Align your unique results with the best practices outlined by the Common Core Standards and the Danielson Teaching Framework.
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Free Resources Guides
Share easy to implement tips and activities, to enlist parents in the education of their children. Download our Common Core guides, available for K-12 grades, math and language arts.