Virtual and Hybrid Classroom Management: Keeping it Positive!, Grades K-12

Course Description

Moving Your Child’s Education Forward at Home This teacher education course will provide educators with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage virtual and hybrid classrooms.

The course will cover key strategies for setting up the virtual or hybrid classroom to promote positive classroom management and student engagement. Educators will explore techniques for teaching and reinforcing behavioral expectations, including clear rules and routines

In addition, the course will examine the role of the teacher in holding students accountable for their behavior and participation in the virtual or hybrid classroom. Educators will use techniques for building strong, positive relationships with students.

Educators reflect on their teaching practices throughout the course and develop a virtual and hybrid classroom management plan. The goal of the course is to empower educators to become confident and competent teachers who provide engaging classroom environments and clear expectations for student performance and participation.

Essential Questions

  • How can teachers establish and maintain student engagement in virtual and hybrid classrooms?
  • What is the relationship between the learning environment and student engagement?
  • How can teachers hold students accountable for following norms, rules, and expectations in virtual and hybrid classrooms?
  • How do teachers maintain positive student-teacher relationships in virtual and hybrid learning environments?
Course Agenda

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Introduction to Classroom Management
  3. Setting Up the Virtual or Hybrid Classroom for Positive Classroom Management
  4. Teaching Behavioral Expectations, Rules, and Holding Students Accountable
  5. Maintaining a Positive Perspective and Persisting through Challenges
  6. Course Wrap Up
Course Syllabus


Comments from Teachers

“I plan on using active response beads with my students to assist them with coping with behaviors. I learned the importance of implicit bias and how to prevent it from interfering with my teaching practice. I learned new ways to continually establish positive relationships with my students. Great course.”

“I learned how to deal with unproductive student behaviors and make students feel appreciated. I took away many different strategies for behavior and classroom routines.”

Danielson Teacher Framework Course Alignment


Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources


Designing Coherent Instruction


Managing Classroom Procedures


Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness