Using Math Games to Make Learning Fun, Grades K-6

If there was a way to maximize the teaching and learning of mathematics by making it an engaging and exciting experience, would you want to know? This is it!

Games make learning fun, engaging, and motivating for students. Using games is a great way for students to practice math skills to build computational fluency and develop a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics. Math games serve as a gateway for building enthusiasm and a sense of belonging for groups of students who have historically been marginalized or excluded in the field of mathematics.

In this course, you will use math games to engage learners, deepen mathematical understanding and reasoning. By applying culturally responsive practices, you will leverage the complex network of assets, cultures, and identities students bring to the classroom to promote mathematical mastery. Playing math games builds computational fluency, reinforces skills, encourages mathematical thinking, and strengthens home-school connections.

This course consists of five modules, each of which includes activities, reading assignments, video segments, discussion, lesson activities & reflection questions. This course is divided into the following modules:

  1. Why Play Math Games?
  2. Fact Fluency
  3. Conceptual Understanding
  4. Home-School Connection
  5. Wrapping It All Up

While the course is designed to empower math teachers of students in grades K – 6, teachers in the upper grades may also find it useful.





Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy


Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources


Engaging Students in Learning


Growing and Developing Professionally