KidVision Virtual Field Trip: A Trip to the Art Museum

Virtual Field Trip Description

Join Miss Penny and the KidVision kids as they explore the beautiful Boca Raton Museum of Art in our latest virtual field trip experience. From realistic art to abstract art, portraits, and sculptures, your students will be immersed in a dynamic world of art, all from the comfort of your classroom.

Our virtual field trip experience combines immersive, interactive videos, lessons, assessments, and take-home resources to help early childhood educators deliver standards-based learning experiences that ignite children’s imaginations and foster their curiosity about community and careers. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to inspire your budding artists!

Through a blend of immersive, interactive videos, lessons, assessments, and take-home resources, early childhood educators deliver standards-based learning experiences that ignite children’s imaginations and foster their curiosity about community and careers.

Our KidVision Virtual Field Trips are designed to inspire and educate young minds about the world around them, exposing children to potential career paths and introducing and building essential vocabulary. Don’t let budgets or travel restrictions hold your child back – join us on our exciting virtual field trips today!

Each Field Trip Includes

Preschool themed virtual field trip videos that provide a look into community-based organizations. Teachers will use these materials as a source for their own professional development as well as a supplemental curriculum for their students in the classroom.

Age specific, standards-based lesson plans and assessments, which include alignment to state-specific early learning standards and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. Lesson plans target the following age groups: 4YO, 3YO, 2YO, 1YO. Available in both English and Spanish. Field Trip


KidVision Program Benefits

KidVision Virtual Field Trips open a world of community, career, and unique learning experiences from the comfort and safety of the classroom. Our trips eliminate the need for expensive transportation, chaperones, and the liability associated with traditional field trips.

KidVision Virtual Field Trips align with early learning standards and include instructional resources that seamlessly integrate into your preschool curriculum so students can participate in multiple trips throughout the year.

Take Home Pages in both English and Spanish, which include structured reinforcement activities to be completed at home with family members in support of the language, communication, and emergent literacy skills addressed in class.

Each Virtual Field Trip Experience includes extension activities focusing on building vocabulary and/or additional theme-related “A Day With” videos which will enable children to shadow a day in the life of a professional as they describe the details of their job.

Structured teacher reflection activities and discussion forums with peers locally and nationally.

Teachers will earn 5 in-service hours .5 CEUs (e. Continuing Education Units) for each completed Virtual Field Trip Experience. In-service hours can be used toward the renewal of CDA (Child Development Associates) credential. Continuing Education Units are accredited through the International Accreditations for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Teachers will receive certificates of completion upon the successful completion of their KidVision Field Trip Experience and have the ability to download a transcript that includes all completed field trips.


Danielson Teacher Framework Course Alignment


Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources


Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques


Engaging Students in Learning


Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness