Developing Student Responsible Decision Making Skills

Each day, we make thousands of choices, some of them unconscious, others we are keenly aware of. Many of our choices lead to positive outcomes and, of course, some do not!

As teachers, we make many professional decisions on a daily basis: decisions about what and how to teach, what to say or not to say to students and colleagues, how to manage our classrooms, and more.

We also are aware of student choices and how those affect us and the other students in the classroom. Responsible decision making on the part of students helps keep the classroom running smoothly and helps with classroom management.

This GPLC instructional topic will focus on helping teachers with the following:

  • Determine current strengths and challenges, in terms of teaching students responsible decision making.
  • Identify key strategies for teaching students responsible decision making.
  • Determine your next steps for incorporating responsible decision making into your curriculum.




Creating an Environment of respect and Rapport


Establishing a Culture for Learning


Managing Student Behavior