Building Academic Vocabulary and Deep Comprehension, Grades K-5

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What is one of the most critical indicators of students’ success in school, in life and standardized tests? A student’s expansiveness of vocabulary, coupled with their ability to leverage it in enhancing their reading, speaking, listening, and writing abilities.

In order to be College and Career ready, students must have a rich and varied vocabulary that can help them understand what is being said to them and what they read on a daily basis. Students need plentiful opportunities to use and respond to the words they learn through playful informal talk, discussion, reading or being read to, and responding to what is read. Students benefit from instruction about the connections and patterns in language.

The focus of this course is to support teachers by helping them to identify ways to expand student vocabulary knowledge and usage within the content area classroom in grades K-5. This interactive course is designed for job-embedded learning and practical classroom application using our virtual lesson study process.

This course has been divided into the following modules:

1. What is Academic Vocabulary?
2. Text Dependent Questions to Connect to Vocabulary and the Deeper Elements of the Text
3. Morphology, Affixes, and Root Words
4. Making Connections to Vocabulary
5. Language Building for ELLs and Special Needs Students
6. Developing Content Vocabulary and Reading Skills

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  • I love the information that you guys provide. I have been teaching for 21 years and I feel that your course have made me a better teacher,

    Angel R. Reply

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