Teach n’ Kids Learn Inc. (TKL) foundation for professional development has been developed based on having more than 25 years of experience providing districts and schools comprehensive targeted solutions. Our targeted professional development programs are built on a foundation of extensive research in the field of education, incorporate adult learning practices, provides effective and engaging instructional techniques, and are all provided through the use of our online  TKL Learning Platform.

We understand professional development needs to meet the needs of its participants but to also do so in a flexible, supportive manner, which includes pre- and post-learning activities that are embedded in all of our programs.

All sessions will be conducted using the following approach for optimal instructional transference into practice for participating teachers. Specific agendas, which outline participant, expected outcomes, and content details will be provided in each of the selected sessions.

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Our Instructional Methodology

Pre-Session — Prior to all instructional sessions delivered, participants will have access to focused content through the use of our online learning platform. Information and activities will include topics related to targeted readings, articles, research, classroom video lesson segments, and more.

Instructional Cycles — During the program delivery we will combine our online learning experience along with a TKL consultant and focus on key elements of best practices, content, and modeling of pedagogical strategies. TKL consultants will also focus on transference into practice. Participants will make connections between information provided from theory/concept into direct application into practice. Participants will be provided a combination of practical embedded activities, recommended lesson plan adjustments, review and discussion of actual classroom video footage, demonstrations through coaching and modeling, and practical processes and procedures.

Post-Session — Participants will utilize our TKL online Learning Platform to complete all post work and assignments activities. Through this online tool, participants will be able to continue to review professional development content courses and resources specifically designed to enhance and augment services provided during the online sessions.

Comprehensive School Reform Professional Development Model

Districts and schools seeking to implement systemic comprehensive improvement may be interested in the following programs Teach n’ Kids Learn (TKL) has to offer.

School Improvement Initiative

The School Improvement Initiative (Si2™) is an intensive school-turnaround program for lower performing schools. Si2 provides schools and districts with sets of principles, guidelines, and materials teachers and administrators can apply and adapt in order to bring about systemic reform and overall student improved achievement.

Our program will focus on

  • Building Instructional Leadership Capacity
  • Establishing A Team-Based Approach for Professional Growth
  • Refining Instructional Practices Through the Use of Observation Protocols
  • Continuous Review and Progress Monitoring
  • School Improvement Benchmarking Tool
  • Classroom Instructional Improvement (Si2™) Protocols
  • Content and Instructional Focus Using A Lesson Study Approach
  • Curriculum and Test Data Review
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Instructional Modeling and Coaching
  • Onsite Professional Development Seminars
  • Online Continuing Education Resources and Course Work

Mathematics Improvement Initiative

The Mathematics Improvement Initiative (Mi2™) professional development program is specialized to help schools and districts improve instruction and achievement within the content area of mathematics. Within the overall Mi2™ comprehensive program we have developed targeted offerings to address the need for supporting in-depth content and pedagogical fidelity. As well as, the special needs of students with limited English proficiency.

  • Advanced Concept Development Sessions
  • Program Quality Inventory for Mathematics
  • Transcending the Language Barrier of Math
  • Transforming Classroom Instruction for Math