Classroom Instructional Improvement (Ci2) Protocol

Teach n’ Kids Learn Inc. (TKL) has built and refined our instructional observation protocol tools based on twelve years of in-depth work in classrooms, schools, and school districts. The utilization of the Ci2™ Protocol tools for both informal and formal observations can become the cornerstone of a system that will transform the culture of teaching and improved school performance.

The Ci2 Protocol tools were created to support teachers’ professional growth and instructional leadership practices. Our protocols are designed as classroom observation tools to foster instructional conversations and student-driven lesson

Through the use of the Ci2 Protocol, instructional leaders will be able to create an environment where there is a common language to promote professional dialogue centered on effective instruction and setting common expectations. When utilized appropriately, many schools have seen the topics of discussions that take place during grade level and department meetings significantly shift from administrative-type conversations to conversations focusing on improving instruction and student outcomes.

 Available Protocols:

  • Common Core Mathematics Instruction K – 12
  • Mathematics Instruction K – 12 (non-Common Core)
  • Common Core English Language Arts Instruction K – 12
  • English Language Arts Instruction K – 12 (non-Common Core)
  • Literacy Instruction K – 5
  • Best Practices — All Subject Areas K – 12
  • English Language Learners (ELL) Instruction
  • School Improvement and Effectiveness Review K – 12
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