Using a unique online delivery approach and current research on the effectiveness of professional learning communities, TKL has developed a program that harnesses the power of professional collaboration while strengthening individual teacher’s practices.

Teach n’ Kids Learn (TKL) has carefully examined research on the successes and challenges faced with forming and executing effective Professional Learning Communities (PLC). The information that was found during the research examination was used to influence the very purposeful design of our Guided Professional Learning Community (GLPC) process and assets that combines online, personalized professional development with the power of collaborative learning.

Purposeful Design

When designing, and developing, the TKL Guided Professional Learning Community (GPLC) model, we purposefully looked for ways in which to create design elements, embedded activities, and process steps that took into account the factors that research has shown to influence the success and effectiveness of professional learning communities.

  1. Personalized to Meet Individual Teacher Needs
  2. Scaffolded Discussions to Foster group Growth
  3. Distributed Leadership & Guided Engagement


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