COOLEST EdTECH Tools of 2019


Guest blog by: Varshini Murali 

EdTech Tools for the classrooms which can help to provide an excellent world-class learning experience for your students. Here are a few of the EdTech Tools that caught our eye in 2019. Our focus was to make sure that each selected tool benefits both teachers and students. Through these EdTech tools, students can engage themselves more in classrooms, nurture creativity and make the sessions more interactive. On the other hand, teachers seek cool teaching experience. By experiencing these EdTech Tools, it makes the education system more practical and experiences a fun way of learning.

Here are some of the coolest EdTech Tools of 2019 below.


Trello is nothing but an online corkboard, which is used to organize cards such as notes, projects, files, and tasks. It is effectively used for project management. In simple words, with the help of Trello, students can manage their own tasks and keep track of everything which is done in the project. It provides organization, visualization, and cohesion among students. Link:


One important way to engage the students with vocabulary is the flashcard factory. It is a collaborative gaming method played by students. They draw and write the illustrations and definitions given by teachers. Learning and teaching become a practical experience through these games. Link:


With the help of a Goose-Chase, we created wonderful activities for all subject areas. It is a web-based platform that creates a scavenger hunt. Teachers add a mission to their game, which might be a photo, video, text or a location. In math, students could explain math concepts by taking a short video and upload it in a goose-chase software. In English, students could take a snap of certain difficult words. So, students do not find it difficult to remember difficult words. This tool is one great way to create memorable learning experiences for the children. Link:


How can you help a child concentrate in class and increase engagement? One of the coolest Ed-tech tools is GoNoodle. It is a web-based activity or a game that is introduced among the students to regain the focus in class. Whenever students deviate from the class, this tool makes them have a short physical burst by doing a certain exercise. This is one simple solution to burn up the energy and to concentrate on learning. Though GoNoodle, students can feel so energetic and fresh after one subject. Parents could also use GoNoodle to motivate and bring mindful behavior among kids. Link:


Toontastic is one creative platform for narrating stories. It also allows students to draw and animate cartoons. Using this tool, the teachers can make their students record their own voices and use built-in soundtracks to narrate the story. Through this application, students could develop their creativity and imaginative skills. Students experience practical knowledge by using this application. It creates all sorts of adventures for learning. Link:


CommonLit is a digital library for students. By using CommonLit, it offers certain reading materials to teachers. Teachers can help students who lack reading skills. They can also make other students read aloud in class so that students can develop the reading habit. It also develops the child in vocabulary and pronunciation of words. Link:


Equity Maps is an iPad application. Through equity maps, the teacher is able to track a student’s communication skills and develop a plan for addressing good habits. Teachers can also form groups of students, and tracks their behavior as well. Through this behavior, teachers can easily capture the students who are not participating and actively participating. The teacher could observe each student’s characteristics and behavior through equity maps. Link:


GeoGuessr is one of the coolest tools to learn geography on a global basis. This is a web-based geographic discovery game that students will enjoy. Through Geoguessr, students will embark on journeys that will enhance their knowledge and experiences of the world. By playing Geoguessr, students are able to easily remember the geographical locations which will be showcased throughout. Students will become more engaged when using this game. Link:

#9 WEBJETS.IO is one of the coolest Ed-tech tools that support brainstorming and visual thinking. Webjets provides a creative and fun way of learning. Through Webjets, cards are placed in a bulletin format. These cards may be in the form of photos, videos, docs or slides. Through these cards, students can easily remember the key points of the chapters. It is one of the excellent and flexible tools for all subjects available. Link:


Through the traditional way of teaching, students could experience only theoretical knowledge rather than practical knowledge and also moreover, students lack interest in classes and subjects. So, when children participate in any competitive exams, they lack out of the box thinking. And moreover, at a very early stage, they forget the concepts. Therefore, to avoid these kinds of problems, students need to have practical exposure. By using education technology tools, students could be very strong in their concepts. A fun way of learning makes the student more creative and imaginative. Each and every tool has its own purpose. By using this tool effectively, teachers and students could experience a world-class education.

Author Bio:

Varshini Murali is a content strategist for SchoolBasix, who researches the latest topics that the education industry is speaking about. Specializes in handling blogs that potential means of marketing and circulating across social media and holds a master’s degree in marketing.