12 Quick Google Docs Tutorial for Teachers


The use of technology in education provides incredible opportunities to engage students in authentic learning, as well as collaborate with peers like never before. Here is a collection of videos which will help you in gaining more proficiency in the use of Google Docs and Google Drive.

  1. Why you should be using Google Apps?
  2. Understanding Google Docs Without the Jargon
  3. Uploading and Creating Files
  4. Navigating and Organizing in Google Drive
  5. Navigating and Organizing in Google Drive- Part 2
  6. Sharing Permissions in Google Drive: Editing, Commenting, and Viewing
  7. Sharing Permissions Part 2: Visibility Options
  8. Sharing Folders in Google Drive
  9. Revision History and Autosave
  10. Basic Formatting
  11. The Tools Menu for Teachers and Students
  12. Google Docs Updates: Want to know more about Google Docs has available.