Webinar Series: Making STEM Relevant in Your Classroom (March 26)


One of the top jobs in America today is an app developer; something that you couldn’t even get a degree in five years ago. And, the US Department of Commerce estimates that over 50 percent of the jobs currently available will be automated in the next ten years. Therefore, we need to prepare our students!

You may have noticed that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is showing up everywhere, and that’s because it’s the future. Learn the basic principles of STEM and some general ideas of how to integrate it into your classroom.

Presenter: Gittel Grant, President STEM Advancement Inc. & TKL Content Developer

Date & Time: March 26, 2018 @ 9:00AM EST

Cost: Free (Limited Registrations)

Length of Webinar:  40 – 60 minutes

  • Moderator intro and overview – 5 mins
  • Presentation – 20-30 mins
  • Q & A – 10-15 Mins

Register to attend this session so that you can learn and organize yourself on how to create student-centered learning hubs in your buildings and district-wide.

This webinar provides participants with an overview of STEM education and how to make sure implementation is relevant and rigorous.  Participants will be provided information, guidance, and direction on how to introduce students to the 21st-century skills that are inherent in STEM teaching and learning. 

This STEM webinar will focus on the following topics:

  • Identifying the key structure of a STEM class
  • Ability to differentiate between real STEM and arts and crafts
  • Confidence initiating STEM lessons

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Gittel Grant is the President of STEM Advancement Inc, a community-minded company that aims to make STEM accessible to all students. Gittel has been instrumental in designing and implementing middle school STEM and will continue as Head of Science Programming in the coming year. With over a decade of classroom experience, Gittel has a keen perspective on how to meet critical performance criteria through active learning and student engagement.

In the past few years, Gittel expanded her horizons by delving into curriculum development. Gittel worked as a curriculum developer for Code Advantage – a company providing computer and technology education to elementary school students. After studying abroad in a STEM immersion program, Gittel began developing her own middle school STEM Curriculum. She currently designs STEM, PBL, and Innovation workshops for teachers.

Gittel has presented STEM Curricula internationally, including countries such as India, Russia, and Columbia. Gittel also recently received a grant from Real World Scholars in recognition of her contributions to the education community in terms of PBL and STEM. Gittel enjoys a good STEM challenge, MythBusters, and lives at home with her favorite nerds.