Stress Management


The Vital Importance of Sleep for Child Development

By Jane Sandwood, Freelance Writer A 2017 study revealed that children aged three and seven who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to have problems with attention and emotional control later in life. But largely because of changes in the modern lifestyles, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get children to sleep for the recommended […]


Want To Improve Your Memory? Stay Hydrated!

A strong memory depends on the health and vitality of your brain. Did you know that over 70 percent of your body is composed of water and every function in the body is dependent on water, including the activities of the brain and nervous system? If you are interested in doing all you can to […]


Finding That Relaxation Moment Through the Breath

It is time to find your relaxation moments… As we are winding down our school year we now become more focused on planning time for relaxation and re-charge.  Well, the summer break is finally here and you definitely deserve to recharge. All teachers know that teaching can be a stressful job. The key is to get organized […]

By Jennifer McGregor | Blog

Supporting Teachers through Stress Management with Positive Self-Talk

In one day you not only teach, but you also manage behavior, plan lessons, assess learning, counsel students, carry out first aid, reply to a long list of emails, write reports, tidy classrooms, create resources, mark books and create displays – the list is endless. You feel overwhelmed, overworked, and easily trapped in negative thinking […]

By Jennifer McGregor | Blog

Stress Management For Teachers – Redefining Comfort Foods

Stress management can be a powerful tool for wellness since too much stress is bad for you. There are many strategies, and one of them includes what you eat. As teachers, we often find ourselves busy and stressed.

By Jennifer McGregor | Blog