Setting Up Your Classroom for Positive Management

How our classroom is arranged can have a profound impact on student management. Emmer, Evertson, and Anderson reported results from a study of elementary schools that stated that attention to management at the beginning of the school year as well as making changes throughout the school is an essential element of a well-run classroom.

At times, teachers may feel that their classrooms are small and there are few options for setting up the classroom. As we look at various aspects of the classroom set-up, we will focus on ways to keep a positive attitude and stance as we work with students to create a functional, fun, and exciting learning environment.

In this course, we will look at how the classroom is set up in order to create a safe and positive learning space for students. By creating a safe environment for students, both physically and psychologically, we allow the learning process to take place in the most efficient and effective way. This includes reviewing a number of variables, including the way the furniture in the room is arranged, the routines and procedures, the culture of the classroom, and the established rules and expectations.

This course is divided into the following modules:

1. Understanding Positive Management
2. Strategies for Positive Management
3. Implement and Reflect





Creating an Environment of respect and Rapport


Managing Classroom Procedures


Managing Student Behavior