Effective Survival Skills for Student Empowerment

The structure of this course explores the increasing new challenges that diverse students are faced with at school and/or at home, including increased technology addictions, anxiety and other social, emotional, personal, and school stressors. Then, there is the identification of the additional needs of reluctant learners, which has become more prevalent in schools. We will be looking to focus on and new additional key strategies to assist these learners’ needs and more.

In this course we will explore a variety of techniques and resources which are identified, in particular, to help bridge connections with counselors and teachers so they can collaborate and work together.
Especially because counselors often are actively engaged with extremely sensitive student issues. Additional resources and information are provided that focuses on specific strategies to strengthen student autonomy and for the development of student self-regulation skills to enhance their potential for learning and personal success.

Teachers will also investigate relevant strategies that are designed to provide students with key resources and skills to develop their own self-efficacy for personal growth. Furthermore, as a result of taking this course, all participants will be provided with appropriate resources and information that can be communicated to the greater school community, including students, other educational professionals, and their parents and extended families.

This course has been divided into the following modules:

  1. Increasing Challenges Students Face at School
  2. The Reluctant Learner Pandemic
  3. Bridging Connections with Counselors and Teachers
  4. Strategies to Foster Student Autonomy & Self-Regulation Skills





Knowledge of Students


Establishing a Culture for Learning


Reflecting on Teaching