Creating Learning Classrooms for Today's Students

One of the challenges facing today’s teachers is the fact that today ’s students need to acquire habits of mind skills that were not the focus of classrooms in the past when the focus was more on just learning content. Today’s students need to now learn not only the content, but how to work with that content in a manner that requires them to work collaboratively with others to analyze information and solve problems, communicate using academic language, take risks and try ideas, make judgments, and be innovative and creative. Unlike some aspects of the academic content, these skills and habits of mind are not something that can be learned through direct instruction. Students need to experience the content through lessons in classrooms that encourage the development of these 21st Century skills and habits of mind.

As a result of this course, teachers will be able to assess their classroom environment for characteristics of a learning classroom, make changes to the physical classroom environment in order to better align their classroom to those characteristics, develop rituals and routines that allow students the structure and stability for meeting high level expectations, create activities and assessments designed specifically for student group work, implement strategies for engaging students in rich academic discourse, implement new learning questions.

This course has been divided into the following modules:

  1. Introduction to Learning Classrooms
  2. Rituals, Routines, and Communication
  3. Managing Student Groups
  4. Learning Questions
  5. Rich Learning Discourse
  6. Putting the Pieces Together: Creating Your Learning Classroom





Demonstrating Knowledge of Students


Establishing a Culture for Learning


Managing Classroom Procedures


Reflecting on Teaching