Challenging Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom, K-12

As teachers, We all have a wide range of learners in our classrooms, from the very bright to those with special needs. As we know, teachers are expected to meet the diverse needs of all groups of students who arrive at their classroom door. It is a monumental task for which many educators, despite their best intentions to support their students and help them grow and prosper, feel ill-prepared. It may surprise you to learn that in a class where there is a range of abilities, it is the ablest, rather than the least able, who are likely to learn the least amount of new material than any other group in the class.

This comprehensive instructional course provides educators proven ways to help classroom teachers challenge and enrich the education of academically talented or “gifted” students in the regular classroom. The course will help educators answer such questions as: What is the difference between a truly gifted student and a hard-working, highly-motivated student? How can I best help my gifted students stretch and grow in a heterogeneous or clustered classroom? What are disabled gifted students and how can I help these students experience the success they deserve? How do I differentiate my lessons so that I challenge my gifted students yet do not overwhelm my struggling students? How can I answer parent questions and help them best support the needs of their gifted children at home and at school?

The focus of this course is to help educators: understand how giftedness is defined and identified, understand the characteristics of various categories of giftedness; learn effective ways of supporting gifted academic learners in the regular classroom; support and encourage the talents of non-academically gifted students, understand and meet the needs of twice-exceptional gifted students; and finally, understand how to help parents support the needs of their gifted child at home and at school.

The following course is divided into the following modules:

  1. The Big Picture – What is Giftedness?
  2. Types of Giftedness – Are all Gifted Students Alike?
  3. Gifted Academic Learners – Classroom Delivery Models
  4. Supporting Gifted and Talented Students in the Classroom
  5. Twice-Exceptional Gifted Learners
  6. Encouraging and Supporting the Gifted Learner at Home





Demonstrating Knowledge of Students


Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques


Engaging Students in Learning


Reflecting on Teaching