Adopting Mindfulness for Today’s Learning Environment, Grades K-12

The global pandemic has impacted our world tremendously. Besides the fear and anxiety all of us are feeling, COVID-19 has changed our educational environment possibly forever. The way that teachers teach and students learn has been totally dismantled and reconfigured to support social distancing and safety. Whether a teacher or student is in a face-to-face, hybrid, or in completely virtual learning environment, stress and anxiety has increased exponentially due to all the changes and uncertainty of the times. According to socio-emotional wellness leaders such as the Collaborative for Social and Emotional Academic Learning (CASEL) and Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, socio-emotional wellness education for teachers and students is needed now more than ever (Cipriano & Brackett, 2020).

In the course Adopting Mindfulness for Today’s Learning Environment, participants will learn how to use mindfulness, which is a research-based strategy, to improve social and emotional wellness for themselves and their students during these historically difficult times. In addition, they will understand how mindfulness also impacts concentration, focus, and organization, which have suffered immensely under today’s educational conditions.

This course has five modules. In module one, participants will learn about mindfulness and why it has made its way into the modern classroom. In module two, participants will learn about the science behind mindfulness and how it improves focus, concentration, and decreases stress. In module 3, participants will learn a plethora of mindfulness strategies they can use in the classroom, whether they teach virtually, hybrid, or face-to-face. In module 4, participants will be able to create a mindfulness plan for themselves and their students. Finally, in module 5, participants will collect data regarding practicing mindfulness in their current learning environment and analyze the impact mindfulness had on their socio-emotional wellness as a teacher and the socio-emotional wellness of their students, especially during this global pandemic.

Overall, this course is designed to give teachers a deeper understanding of mindfulness and how to use mindfulness in their learning environments in what may possibly be the most uncertain times in our lives and modern history. Our students and teachers both need to learn ways to decrease stress and improve socio-emotional wellness, especially now, and this course is designed to do so.





Creating and Environment of Respect and Rapport


Reflecting on Teaching


Growing and Developing Professionally