Academic Achievement For English Language Learners (ELLs), Grades K-12

The focus of this course is to support educators in identifying the needs of their English Language Learners and learning how to plan and facilitate a classroom where all learners can engage in structured interactions to develop and practice Academic English tied to content concepts. Teachers will be introduced to a seven-step process including; organizing a classroom where all children are involved in the learning process, how to plan focused learning objectives tied to standards, strategies for developing academic vocabulary and structures that students can use to practice and apply content and language in meaningful ways.

This comprehensive instructional course provides educators and administrators with research-based methods to effectively address the needs of English Language Learners in daily classroom practices in order to meet state English Language Proficiency across all content areas. This interactive course will help facilitate the process for teachers to think through how to better incorporate the instructional practices necessary for ELLs.

Teachers will have access to the downloadable course textbook, participant workbooks; an expert in the area of ELLs will be available for regular communications, targeted classroom video lesson segments, observational protocols, research documents, extended educational materials, and instructional resources. Teachers will explore real instructional challenges that many teachers face in their classrooms and identify strategies to address such complex issues. This professional development is teacher-directed and student-centered.

This course includes the supporting textbook titled: “Language & Literacy for ELLs: Creating Systemic Change for Academic Achievement” ($29.95 value).

The following course has been divided into the following five modules:

  1. Identifying your English Language Learners
  2. Setting the Stage for A Language- Rich Interactive Classroom
  3. Facilitating a Language-Rich Environment (Steps 1- 4)
  4. Teaching in a Language-Rich Classroom (Steps 5-7)
  5. Systematic Implementation





Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy


Demonstrating Knowledge of Students


Designing Coherent Instruction


Growing and Developing Professionally