Supporting Mathematical Proficiency in Struggling Learners, Grades K-12

Becoming mathematically proficient can be daunting even for students who do not have learning difficulties, but for those students who do struggle, the challenge of becoming mathematically proficient is even more overwhelming. These students may have huge barriers to their successfulness in math such as possessing knowledge and skill gaps, exhibiting learned helplessness or passive […]

Teachers – Reboot, Refuel, Reignite

Teachers give and are expected to give more each school year. With new strategic plans, curriculum, software, initiatives, tests, and evaluation systems, how can an educator ever replenish? This course was designed with the whole teacher in mind. Many times in education we focus on best practices as it relates to the teacher’s instructional strategies […]

Teaching Literacy Across Content Areas, Grades 6-12

This course is for content area teachers in grades 6-12 who wish to deepen their own understanding of how to help their students become more effective and efficient readers, writers, listeners, speakers and deep thinkers. Participants will explore how content teachers can support the ELA standards within the subjects of History, Social Studies, Science and/or Technical subjects. Teachers will […]

Teaching Mathematics With Rigor and Results, Grades K-12

This research-based course provides guidance on how to examine your math instruction and its impact on student learning. Through the lens of today’s more rigorous math content standards, professional teaching standards, you will set instructional learning goals for your math lessons, and define how students will demonstrate evidence of achievement within today’s state standards. This […]