Classroom Management Keeping it Positive (Elementary)

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A positive classroom environment is a goal that we all look to create in our classrooms. Numerous studies conducted over the past few decades have outlined the importance of having a classroom where students and teachers are clear on behavioral expectations as well as consequences for inappropriate behavior. The reality of our everyday is that it is often challenging based on a number of different reasons.

In this course, you will gain insight into classroom management and ways to keep a positive focus in the classroom. Shifts in common classroom practices will be highlighted, including setting up a positive classroom culture, explicitly teaching expectations and reinforcing positive behaviors in the classroom, and building positive relationships with students. Research shows that teacher’s actions, including classroom management, have a high impact on student achievement.

This course will explore practical teaching strategies to integrate positive classroom management into the classroom. Various areas of classroom management will be explored, including classroom set-up and arrangement, teaching social skills, teaching cooperative learning strategies, power dynamics and struggles, rewards and punishments, rules and expectations, student buy-in, consistency, and other topics. Along with this you will learn about the “public praise/private conversations” philosophy and how it can change the dynamic of the classroom.

This course is divided into the following modules:

  1. Introduction to Classroom Management
  2. Setting Up the Classroom for Positive Classroom Management
  3. Teaching Behavioral Expectations, Rules, and Holding Students Accountable/li>
  4. Maintaining a Positive Perspective when Times Get Challenging

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