Are you a content or instructional K – 12 education expert?

Do you have years of experience developing and providing professional development for districts/schools across the country?

Have you written a book or other materials for educators and would like to transform it into an online course?

There is a revolution taking place in the online world of K – 12 education professional development and you can be a part of it!

At Teach n’ Kids Learn (TKL), we are dedicated to opening the growing world of online professional development opportunities to education content experts across the country.

TKL provides a completely new partnership approach for content developers seeking to transform your knowledge, expertise, and experience into engaging and effective accredited online courses that are marketed across the country to educators looking to advance their professional growth and re-certification requirements.

We help developers with each aspect of building great online presences by providing support with; curriculum design, Learning Management System (LMS), marketing, student recruitment, enrollment processing, social engagement, course facilitation services, state approval processing, and student credit processing.

Our online content design team brings together over 25 years of deep professional development experience. We can help you in creating a strong narrative for your course(s), which will leverage rich media content that is modular, adaptive, collaborative, and compelling. We will collaborate with you to create, build, and iterate courses continually (based upon research) so that your teacher participants get the most out of your online course(s).

Teach n’ Kids Learn can help you to generate amazing results because our team is committed to working closely with you, from start to finish, delivering an online professional development program that will surpass your expectations.

We provide the following services:

  • Content Development and Design
  • Online Course Development
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Course hosting
  • Technical Support Services
  • Sales and Marketing promotions
  • Student Recruitment
  • Enrollment Processing
  • Progress Monitoring and Reporting
  • Course Facilitation Services
  • Client management
  • Invoicing, Billing, and Accounting

If you are interested in joining our content development partnership program, please contact as